LIEBHERR: You Just Have To Check Out This Giant Dump Truck! IT IS HUGE!

There are some videos that we simply have to share with all of you guys! Especially when they involve giant dump truck! Then it is without question a priority! Please Welcome The Biggest Dump Truck in the World! And by biggest truck we mean it is the largest, and highest payload truck on the planet. Just look how tiny the people look close to this enormous thing. Before you provide us with the answers to out questions, let us give you some data about this GIANT. It is capable of carrying load with a staggering number of 363 tons. The engine is DDC/MTU 20V4000 and it develops 3650 horsepower! Also, it can reach a maximum speed of 40 mph, fully LOADED! The dimensions are 24 feet 0 inches by 50 feet 3 inches by 29 feet 10 inches and the fuel capacity is 1250 gallons!

What else can we say other than the fact that this monstrosity is impressive both ways! It is the size of a mountain! Just looking at it can make your skin crawl! Its power doesn`t disappoint either! With that kind of power at your disposal you can rest assured that whatever you are transporting will get to its destination! Tell us your opinion about: How much do you think one tire cost? What is the fuel consumption? What`s the torque of the engine? What kind of brakes does it have? The questions are endless! We will now leave you to see this behemoth in action for yourselves! Given the fact that this giant dump truck is not allowed on the road, due to its size, watching a footage of it is a good way of catching a glimpse of its abilities!

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