Check Out This Truck Pulling Carnage! ROLLING COAL – NEVER ENOUGH!

To say that one does not understand the truck pulling battle, but he enjoys the mechanical truck pulling carnage that many times come out as a result of it, would be…well, stupid is probably a bit of a strong word, but definitely not the smartest observation and rationalization, right? Because even if you do not like it that much, even if you think that it is only a cheap thrill for rednecks, it is an obvious thing that this is the way the people want to showcase just how good and powerful are their trucks, especially a certain components of it. How else would you advertise your product if not through some extreme testing?! At least, that is the way I see it.

And I have to tell you right away that I`m not some big fan of those truck pulling carnage battles, those bizarre demonstrations of just how powerful the engine is, and things like that. But I understand (or at least, think so) why people are doing it. But, I also think that there should be some kind of a limit, some reasonable boundary, otherwise those great and powerful trucks will end up just like the ones that you are going to see in the video below.

It is a small compilation with different trucks, Chevy Silverado, Ford, and others, pulling extremely heavy things and ending up broke down. I guess it was one of those days when many people ended up going home on foot. Check it out and see what I`m talking about, and if you want to see another truck engine explosion, go to this link.