So, this is how things are right now! As a real racing fan, Jan Baker got this idea that Ford should have built a V12 motor so it could compete with all the popular rides like Ferrari for example! This was not an option in the 60`s, however! But, waiting for Ford to build such engine, is like waiting for Godot! So, Jan decided to take things in his own hands! He first started with couple of 302 blocks after which he used his craftsman ability and welding in order to finally come up with the Ford V12 block!!!

Anyway, it is important to know that the cylinder heads were actually 3 cast Clevelands iron that were cut up in order to make two! Jan was careful, of course, creating the head joints! Almost everything in this motor is not designed but was taken from existing supplies! Finally, this MONSTER ENGINE has 4090″ bores as well as 3500″ stroke and is able to produce 552 cubic inches!!! This engine is ready, all the hard work was done as we came right in time for the DYNO! Check out the Ford V12 DYNO chart and all the numbers!!!

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