Something For The BMW FANS: 3+ Minutes of BMW DRIFT!

All of us, on the both sides of the, know well that the American muscle cars are our primal interest in everything that we do and love, connected with vehicles. However, as you also know well, this does not mean that we do not pay enough attention to some of the other great rides from the manufacturers from across the Atlantic and those in Japan… No biggie if we broadcast some BMW drift right?

If you ask me, I would not trade my Detroit muscle for any import in this world, no matter how fast and powerful it is. But still, it would be stupid not to acknowledge the worth of some of them, like the German Bimmer, for example.

Those of you who are following us on a regular basis, have undoubtedly noticed that the BMW models are at the very top of the list of cars for drifting, amongst the Europeans. And to be perfectly honest, there are not many things one would not like when it comes to the BMW. Thus, today we have decided to show you one really attractive video clip with more than three minutes of drifting fun with various models of BMW drift cars.

So, if you like the famous Bavarian car, and got intrigued to see it in drifting action, have a look at the following video and enjoy the show! And if you want to find out something about the most famous, BMW M3 model, go to this link.