Here Is How To Turn Your LADA 2104 Into A S300 MISSILE!

Hello there! If you are prepared, we would like to show you something AWESOME! You will see, what we like to call – A FLYING BRICK! We are talking about one of the most popular Russian Automobile – LADA RIVA also known as LADA 2104! If you are thinking about what`s so special about a Lada, you`ll see! This one is transformed into a REAL BEAST!

This fully modified BEAST has the very best specifications! Starting off with the fantastic Custom Exhaust, and finishing off with the NISSAN SILVIA S13/S14 implemented Transmission, Brakes, Suspension and Steering!!! And what is underneath the hood is the interesting part – SR20DET engine, [email protected] with a Garrett GT2871R TURBO and 740cc INJECTORS!!! And yes, it is all good on paper, but let`s see some results, shall we?! And here they are, this MONSTER ran a 1/4 mile in 12.34 seconds at a high speed of 125 miles per hour! As it becomes a 12 second car, it is probably the first LADA ever! Moreover, this FLYING BRICK accelerates from 0-62 mph in only 4.63 seconds, which, again, is INCREDIBLE!!! Check out this video, and be amazed by the LADA 2104!!

P.S. If you still want to remind yourself of the jokes for this car model follow this link and get a good laugh!