FUNNY DRAG RACE: Lada 2101 vs Porsche 911 vs GT-R!

There are many types of cars at this festival, so why wouldn`t there be a Lada as well? Great idea that makes this event even more interesting! The legendary Russian car races neck to neck with the 911 Carrera RS until the middle of the track, but in that moment the Porsche literally says SAYONARA! It is exciting watching the Lada running down the track with 124 mph and is only two seconds slower! It gives you the impression that it is going to fall apart like in a cartoon! Of course this Lada wasn`t brought at this event to win, yet to boost the atmosphere even more! So, hesitate no more. Watch this funny drag race starring Lada 2101 V&S vs Porsche 911 Carrera RS vs Nissan GT-R Boostlogic Godzilla!

Anyway, check out this more serious drag race here!