1450 HP Nissan Boost Logic GTR Godzilla vs Others!

Watch the 1450 HP Nissan Boost Logic GTR Godzilla vs other competitors on the drag race. 

This Japanese beast has every right to be named as is it! The first race is between the Godzilla and the Nissan GT-R Altechno A2 with 1000 HP. Despite the difference in horsepower, which are in favor of the Godzilla, it loses the first one. Something probably happened. A car with such power simply cannot be so slow. In the next race the Godzilla has an SUV with twice less HP to compete with. The Nissan shows what it has got! It eats the BMW X6M even though it started the race a bit later! We hope that this is enough to make you watch the last race too.

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