We are positive that almost every Gearhead has at least once been in a situation where had to deal with stripped or even worse broken bolt. What a nightmare, right? This is one of the seemingly tiny problems that is capable of taking a great deal of your time. That`s if you don`t know how to solve it. But if you know how to cope with this problem, and have the right tools, then the problematic bolt will be out in no time! And the video we have for you today presents how you can get rid of such bolt in a few simple steps!

First, you commence with welding on top of the bolt so you could create a weld that will help you unscrew the bolt. Then, you have to wait a while until this added piece cools down a bit, shape it with pliers and add a nut.

Next, this nut has to be welded with the existing weld. Afterwards, you have to wait everything to cool down again and then comes the easy part. Take a wrench and starts unscrewing the problematic bolt! Voila!

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