Have A Look At This WOODEN MOTORCYCLE From Austria!

Hello my dear fellow Gearheads. No matter what type of a ride is our favorite, whether we are hardcore fans of our American muscle cars that cannot be compared with any other type of sports car that is coming from the other side of the Atlantic, or anywhere else for that matter, of if it happens that you are a big time enthusiast for those fast as hell imports, the fact of the matter is that we all love and enjoy watching original and funny creations of any kind… including a wooden motorcycle… but read on!

Just as one does not have to be a bike rider, in order to enjoy in the beauty and the ultimate speed of those two-wheeled beasts. Motorcycles are one of the things which are raising the interest of every Gearhead, no matter on which `specific group` he belongs.

That is why I firmly believe that you will be all pleasantly surprised when you are going to see the following wooden specimen of a wooden motorcycle that is coming from the land of the Alps, Austria. Unfortunately, we do not have any info about it, but in this case, we think that this really isn`t that important in order to enjoy the beauty of this awesome motorcycle creation.

I mean, just have a look at it, you do not need me bothering you with any more chit chats about it, and see what a functional piece of art it is! And if you get intrigued by it and want to see another wooden chopper from Hungary, click here.