This Is The DIY SOLUTION With Auto Touch Up Paint!

Hey Gearheads! Here is one more video from the how to do stuff on your own series which by the way looks like watching a food recipe on TV with all the things and instructions listed. Don`t worry it`s not. We`re just joking. The guy in the video seems like a good, honest person who tries to help with our eternal scratch removal problem. And we appreciate that. He uses a so called auto touch up paint method. Let’s see what he understands by that.

He explains he needs several items to make the scratch disappear. First, he has added three layers of the “2 in 1 Scratch and Fix” touch up paint which is easy to find. Then he applies “2 in 1 Scratch and Fix” clear coat at the end as well as a primer. These items he uses are from the same manufacturer. Next, he uses 2000 grit sandpaper although he reminds that it is better to use 3000 grit. Bear in mind that if you use your hands, the sandpaper will dig into the paintjob, because of the uneven pressure applied, therefore try using a sanding block. We gave you the introduction, the guy has the thorough explanations. Watch it, you might need this some day!

At last, if you want to get more details on auto touch up paint, follow this link to read few more tips on how to remove the scratches and chips of your car.