Forgot Your Keys & You Have Shatterproof Windows?! Unlock Car Door Without Key – It’s Simple!

Ever needed to unlock car door without key? Whenever you forget your car keys inside of your car, there is no place for panic, because we have already described the trick of how to open the door by using only a shoelace. However, sometimes that method cannot work, especially if you have a new modern vehicle. Sad to say, in that case the only solution is to break one window of your car, but what if they are shatterproof?

Using a hammer will surely not help you. To prove that, they try multiple times to shatter the window with a hammer. However, the window is completely intact and the hammer does absolutely nothing! So it is time to reveal the right hack. A very simple hack that can shatter a window for sure! This is not only a cool trick but a useful method to get you inside in an extreme emergency. The secret weapon to unlock car door without key is believe it or not a spark plug. All you have to do is smash it with a hammer, take a little piece of a porcelain and get a little toss on the window.  And here is the result: the shatterproof window is easily broken! How amazing is that? What a strong hammer couldn`t do a simple spark plug does with great ease. Truly amazing way to unlock car door without key if you have shatterproof windows!

So, I bet you wonder how this method works. Well, because side windows are made of tempered glass, that makes them very hard and very resistant to blunt objects. However, when you fracture porcelain, you create a very fine hard point exquisitely precise to cause a fracture that propagates through the entire glass and shatters it just like that.

We must mention again that you should not violate this method for other situations.

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