Despite the fact that we have all seen different vehicles doing wheelies, I know that there are many out there who actually think that only a motorcycle is the real ride for making an outstanding wheelie spectacle. But I think that after you are done watching the following wheelie drag racing video clip that we have prepared for you in today`s article, most of you (just as I did) will `redefine` the expression ” My jaw is on the floor“! I know that we have shown you many attractive wheelies in the past, but the performance of this `73 Volkswagen Pickup truck is totally `above the rim`!

I guess that there are many people who are not aware that the Wheelstander is a long time honored tradition in the US. The vehicles that are competing are specially designed to easily enter a wheelie, with special bars that are keeping them to completely roll over backwards.

The star of this wheelie drag racing footage is known as the Chevy Rebellion. It is owned and driven by Richard Hutchins, who managed to do an entire Quarter-Mile run on the back wheels of his `73 Volkswagen at a recent event on a drag strip in Michigan. This incredible achievement was done thanks to the huge 7 liter 427ci fuel burning supercharged Chevy motor.

And what is even more incredible about this Quarter-Mile wheelie pass is that the final result says 9.89 seconds at 129 mph! How about that?! When you only think that there are much more expensive supercars that are `dreaming` to make a 10 second pass, this 1973 Volkswagen pickup stands tall and proud amongst many of them.

Now watch the video and see what I`m talking about, and if you want to see another awesome wheelie performance, click here.