EVO vs EVO, 72mm TURBO vs 67mm TURBO! BOTH 1000HP!

Hey guys! Are you ready to witness a really fearsome race on the streets of Florida?!  You do not see an EVO vs EVO race on daily basis! Grudge race with NASTY cars, both excellent, powerful engines and “bad drivers”! Florida`s streets could write a novel after this race if they could write and think. It is always a pleasure for the eyes when two powerful engines confront one another! What we have on the one hand is a blue car that is powered by – believe it or not – a 72 mm turbo! On the other hand we have a red one, powered similar by a 67 mm turbo!

Take a close view as they make the race even better with all the overtaking and all the sparks that combined together put an awesome show! All spiced with mutual respect among fellow driver which is always a good thing to see. Check out the EVO vs EVO grudge race, and stay tuned for additional comments about it by the participants of this historical event. There is no doubt that people will talk about this one for a long time from now. But hey, they deserved it!

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