GTR vs Supra on a Steet Race! Place Your Bets! Choose Your Favorite Poison!

Our serial of races between different sport car beasts will hardly end, because every week we have some new stars on the streets ready to show their best. Super power engines, no speed limit and a big willpower to end first is the well known formula for one more amazing video, this time prepared by Nissan GTR  and Toyota Supra .

Someone will say that these are the two best Japanese cars, but we will stay in our objective position and wait for your comments on this impressive race, which will definitely motivate you to work more on your becoming one hell of a driver.

No matter which car you prefer to drive or prefer to own one day, get ready to enjoy 30 seconds of a hellishly fast driving. Is it about the drivers or the cars? Don`t worry, we will not ruin the surprise, but the thing that we can unveil is that the camera skills are pretty nice for those speeds.