Dodge HELLCAT vs Camaro NOS & Ford MUSTANG!

Street racing has always been the main inspiration for car movies’ directors and after this video we are sure that many of them will get straight away to work. Fascinating, thrilling, amazing… There are not enough words in the dictionary to explain the awesomeness of this street battle that has connected the most famous American muscle brands at one place.  Camaro NOS with a camera on and a nitrous 150 shot, Mustang with an exhaust system that resulted with an impressive number 550 on a dyno test and a fabulous Dodge Hellcat are the vehicles that will leave you speechless during this 2 minute video.

Looking quite dangerous and powerful, these heavy machine cars are conquering the road. However, the Hellcat is definitely outstanding from them all and according to the experts the beauty of this car is its reliability and ability to make multiple runs without heat soaking. The new Z06, the GT500, and the ZL1 all lose considerable power at the track very quickly while the Hellcat was engineered to make multiple back to back runs without heat soaking. For a stock car like the one shown in the video, its ability is really impressive.

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