When we mention the name of the one and only drift-driving maestro, and living legend, Ken Block, the name of Gymkhana and Ford are coming as a natural conjunction. And we have all had a numerous and various opportunities to see Ken rocking and rolling in his Ford Gymkhana, and get mesmerized by the incredible and thrilling things that only he can do. However, today we are going to show you a video clip that also has the Ken Block RC version of Gymkhana 6.

It was created by the guys at HPI Racing, who had also made a 1/18th scaled track, so that the experience would be complete and fulfilled.

As most of you probably know well, the videos that are listed as Gymkhana, are some of the most popular and most spectacular videos, that had set Ken Block`s popularity on the highest level, worldwide.

That is why I firmly believe that you are also going to enjoy the following two-minute video with the Ken Block RC Gymkhana 6 version, showing off its full potential on that beautifully and skillfully designed and constructed track.

So check it out and enjoy it, because it is almost as cool as the real thing itself! And if you want to see a video from the real Ken Block`s Gymkhana 7 in adrenaline rush filled action, go to this link.