RALLY VS F1 On The SAME TRACK! Lewis HAMILTON & KEN BLOCK Showing Off!!! Don’t Miss This!

Is there something better than a sunny day on the island of Barbados, being part from the Top Gear Festival and watching some of the greatest names of motorsports entertaining themselves? Watching a true Rally VS F1 show on the track? For a car lover, certainly NOT! This sounds like a real gearhead`s gateway! Also, when a driver from the caliber of Lewis Hamilton or Ken Block is entertaining himself, the crowd enjoys even more! That`s a feeling! Besides watching the drivers` combined skills, it gets way better when you hear both the F1 and the rally vehicle! Those mixed sounds create goosebumps all over your body.

At the Top Gear Festival there were two top notch machines from their respected category. At one side Ken Block with his Ford Fiesta Rallycross ST Global! And on the other side Lewis Hamilton with his amazing Mercedes-AMG W04 2012 F1 car! In comparison both of these cars share similar acceleration up to 62. However, more or less this is where those similarities end. In a real Rally vs F1 race we all know what the outcome will be.

Anyway, it is truly amazing to watch such racers driving in their own way at the same time! Ken does power slides in the curves, burns the tires while the car is in MOTION and a moment later you see him in the air, whereas Lewis does donuts in the middle of the track, OUT OF NOWHERE! These guys really raise the crowd`s adrenalin with every passed second! And ours as well! This video presents what kind of skills they have, although they have proven that so many times. Simply an ASTONISHING Rally vs F1 exhibition! The show at the end makes the story complete. Oh, and the girl at the beginning is a bonus.

Plus, click here to read the latest news on Lewis Hamilton. He expects a good fight with Ferrari this season!