EARGASM: Ford GT40 MK1 With An Amazing Exhaust Note!

Behold one true American icon! No matter which is your favorite muscle brand, you simply cannot hate this particular model. It is truly remarkable! As you know, all Ford GT40 racecars were 100% US built by Holman-Moody in California. An 289 cubic inches engine was fitted in the MK I. And the MK II model evolved with the fitting of the FE 427 Shelby. Wyer John and Weslake modified the MK I body. The Ford GT40 MK1 took part in the popular Le Mans racing event, where it claimed victory. This happened in 1968/69.

In the video you have the chance to see below, you are going to be treated with one of the best traits this car has to offer. In this case, its sound. Though it would have been great if we had the chance to see it in action, but just hearing it will do it as well! So hesitate no more and volume those sound devices up! Because that V8 combined with the exhaust system forms a combination worth hearing!

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Enjoy the video below!

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