68 Shelby GT 350 Tribute Convertible – 50th Birthday Present!

Leon Griffith from Arizona had the adoration for the 68 Shelby GT 350, since the day he was able to speak. Having its smooth lines and one of a kind looks, when he turned thirteen, Leon became hypnotized with this ride. It was then when he promised himself that sometime in his life he shall be the proud owner of such a pony.

That was in the past. Now its Griffith`s 50th birthday time. During the years Leon worked in several repair shops but kept of dreaming that one day he shall be the owner of a 68 Shelby GT 350. Now, he was finally able to make his dream come true. Nevertheless, Leon  took the luxury of buying himself his own first Stang. He bought a 1967 Stang and did an incredible transcendence into a 68 Shelby GT 350. We are sure that you shall all agree that this is not the most common thing for someone who owns a Stang for the first time in his life.  He decided to completely restore and transform his dream car as a gift to himself for his fiftieth birthday celebration.



The 67` was stripped down and transformation took its course. Griffith purpose was to build it as Shelby would have done it himself. He did a full Shelby insides installation down to the Shelby authentic paint scheme, control arms, gauges front end, swaybars, and in recent times Leon installed  a 302 J-code bored 0.060 over motor, period correct for the ride, along with a Comp timing chain set,  480 lift Comp cam, disc brakes , Flowmaster exhaust, 7-quart cobra oil pan, , Ford aftermarket high rise intake, headers, Flamethrower ignition and the list goes on and on.

In the course of the 4 years project he undertook, he got the approval of the legendary Bondurant Bob  as well as from Shelby`s personal assistant during the 1960 and 1970 , Diana Day.  Later on, at some promotion that took place in Las VegasLeon was acquainted with  Sir Shelby, himself, to whom he showed the pics of his beautiful car Lola and conversed a bit about the tribute he was undertaking.  Leon was more than happy at the time. He was also the guest of   Bob Bondurant`s celebration for the occasion of his eightieth birthday . Bob signed Leon`s Lola and had a pleasant chat concerning his ongoing project. He also conversed with Day Diana. His project was approved by all big names in automotive industry. He also had a chance to ride in Lola for a spin or two and gained the friendship of Diana.

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