VERY RARE $5 MIlion 1964 Ford GT40 Prototype GT104: BRUTAL SOUND By This Veteran!

We know that you like what you see. And what you see is the 1964 Ford GT40 Prototype a real classy, powerful and excessively upscale monster of a car. Namely, the latter is up for an auction at the Mecum Auction`s, that shall take place in Houston.In 1964, Ford entered this very same GT40 in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Curiously, it was shipped to France in order to take part in the epic race just after 50 miles of testing. It is the car Henry Ford commissioned to make in order to beat the hell out of Enzo Ferrari around the Le Mans track in France! All classic Le Mans cars go extremely rare, but it doesn`t get much rarer than the 1964 Ford GT40 Prototype!

In the first race, it didn`t go that smoothly for the GT40. It qualified in 8th place but sadly, it retired during the race after catching fire on the long Mulsanne Straight. However, during the further races, it came to be the first Ford GT40 to take a podium finish and throughout its life, was driven by Phil Hill, Bruce McLaren, Bob Bondurant, Ken Milles, Jo Schlesser, Richie Ginther, and Richard Attwood among others.

Since the 1965 season, this Ford GT40 belonged to Kar Kraft, who did a hell of a restoration and remained in the hands of Ford until 1971. In the following two years, the car changed many owners till in 1978 was sold to Bill Jacobs from Chicago you set about restoring it further. Nevertheless, it was kept dissembled for a long time until it was finally restored the way it was marvelous before after shifting hands again and being completely finished in 2010. It is not strange for a classic Ferrari to be sold at $5 million! But a Ford?! This just proves how really rare this Ford is!

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