DAT SOUND: 1986 Mustang Gear Jammer At Farmington Dragway: See What It’s Like Inside The Car!

Check this 1986 Mustang Gear Jammer Going Through The Gears At Farmington Dragway and See What It’s Like Inside The Car!

A drag race seen from another perspective. Be a part of the excitement but this time from the inside of the car. See what it is like to be behind the wheel of a true American muscle car, of course if you haven`t experienced that so far. You have the possibility to see what is really happening, what the driver is actually doing during one drag race. Although it might seem easy, you all know that it is not. One, two, three, four shifts and its done! This car is so powerful that he shifted from first into second while the front part of the car was still in the air!

I’ve watched this video like 100 times….can’t get enough of that engine. DAT SOUND! Beautiful sounding car ! l love its idle!

Enjoy the video below!

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