Z06 CORVETTE vs LAMBORGHINI! America vs Italy!

Z06 CORVETTE vs LAMBORGHINI! There is no better way to know the true power of the car unless you put it to the test. One could be the dyno test and the other one would of course be practical – racing! Winning a race, especially if somebody challenges you, gives boost to your confidence to continue that way. And when it comes to racing, you simply cannot dislike street races! As long as the race itself is not jeopardizing public safety.

Anyway, on today`s menu, we have to offer you one pretty exciting race on the open highway! The actors are a Lamborghini and our Corvette Z06! This video is taped from the Lambo, which gives us a better view on the Vette! In other words, the Lamborghini driver is the challenger but he is left behind both times! Clearly the guys in the Italian car don`t know what happened to them. Also, it is obvious that this particular Corvette has some serious upgrades. A supercharger per se! So comfort yourself and get ready for some speed! This Z06 CORVETTE vs LAMBORGHINI race is one more evidence that expensive does not have to mean better!

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