SICK Mustang Cobra “Snake Bite II”! That DEMONIC SOUND!

Check out this SICK Mustang Cobra “Snake Bite II” video and see what happened when Cobra Attacks!

The King Cobra among the cars is right in front of you people! It is black, scary, loud, and extremely fast! Just listen to that turbo! Jeez! You can hear it from the other side of the street, and you will still know that this is the car that makes the noise! The video starts with a quality burnout, leaving some tires on the asphalt while producing a good deal of smoke. Later on, we see this vehicle driving towards the camera giving you the impression like it is going to catch you! However, this environment looks like a quiet neighborhood, and we always advise driving slowly in places like this. This definitely has been added to our fave list we should definitely set the sound as a ringtone!

Finally, Honda Civic humiliates Mustang Cobra on the open road! Click on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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