HPF TURBO BMW M3 Rocking The Streets Fast On METHANOL!

I`m sure that you have all seen and experienced in various situations, that not everyone can handle a fast ride in a powerful car. And I`m not talking only about female passengers (actually we had seen many girls handling a high velocity ride pretty well), but men included also. The following example that you are going to see in the video below, with this guy who is taking his dad out for a ride in his race fuel and methanol injection powered 600+ HP, HPF TURBO BMW M3, is a very good proof of that.

If you are a person who is now a Gearhead, or at least enjoys high velocity rides in fast and powerful cars, you can probably remember that you were feeling the same way even since you were a kid. Every time the driver was stepping hard on the gas, you could have felt the adrenaline rush and those positive goosebumps all over your body.

But if you are not, like this guy`s dad, then a ride in a car by Horsepower Freaks, who are known for making one of the most powerful BMW E46 M3 turbo kits, is not the thing for you. It will only make you feel bad, and look even worse, if you got recorded.

Check out this video and see what I`m talking about! And if you want to find out more about the HPF Turbo M3 kits, go to this link.