Our southern neighbor is pretty often in our video section if you`ve noticed. Turns out the beautiful country has something more to offer other than nice beaches, beautiful girls and sunny days! It has amazing DRIFTERS! This is not the first time that we are amazed by the automobile culture that goes on down there, but this time we are truly thrilled by this Crazy Street DRIFTING on the streets of Mexico! While the camera shoots from a different car moving in front of the drifter, every move and angle are captured which makes this video AMAZING!

As we can notice from the video, we`re talking about a NISSAN SILVIA S15 Coupe, and you all know what goes on when the Nissan goes for a little drift! Drifting always amazes us, but when we see these STREET drifting maniacs it becomes even more exciting! The drifting is done by night so there are not many witnesses to cheer and applause, but the video really captures the moment so everyone can enjoy it afterwards! So, here you go guys, check out the crazy drifter, lay back and enjoy the show!

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