We all know well that Australia is a country and a continent, populated with people with high level of passion for powerful and fast muscle cars, highly tuned and customized sports cars that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, and of course, the monstrous road trains that are ruling the Ozzie desert roads. But today we are not going to `talk` about the Australian huge trucks, or bikes, or some of their extremely powerful and flexible buggies, but for an LS Nissan Silvia S15 model, so much tuned, changed and altered in the Ozzie Mad Max style, it appears like a completely different road warrior, compared with a regular Silvia S15!

The video itself is actually a part from the Australian TV show called “Mighty Car Mods”, and we will see the hosts taking out this LS Nissan Silvia S15 out on the Sydney speedway track, and use that dirt track to test it and brutalize it in many different ways, and somewhere along the way, they will also try to give a complete review about it!

So, if you are up for a great amount of fun, and a hardcore rocking and rolling with this awesome car, just watch the video below and enjoy it! And if you want to read an interesting article about a classic Nissan Silvia S15, click here.