Cops Pull Over Biker For Decibel Test But Overheat His Motor Instead!

As we all know, you can`t drive a speaker with an engine. If you`re driving something making a lot of obnoxious noise, the police will stop you, make you take a decibel test and either fine you or give you a citation, with the latter being more likely. However, if you`re not doing it on purpose, the police will rarely bother with such menial breaking of the law.

Cops Pull Over Guy For Decibel Test But Overheat His Bike Instead 4

This guy, however, was not having any of it – he rolled his extremely loud bike on the streets and couldn`t care less what the cops thought. That`s where he got it wrong, and he got pulled over by the police.

Of course, the police officer followed procedure and told him that he was going to do a decibel test. He set up the decibel meter at the required distance from the pipes and took one measure when the bike was idling. Then, he tried to take another one when the bike was at 2000 RPM, but since the bike didn`t have a tachometer, he had to do it with his own devices, which couldn`t get the job done. Since the cop couldn`t do it, the guy was free to go without any citation or fine, although the bike did overheat.

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