New DRIFTING Movie – DRIFT FURY By Roberts Vitols & Robyworks!

We`ve been waiting for a long time for something like this! After Tokyo Drift, the third part of the Fast and Furious sequel, here comes DRIFT FURY, straight outta Lithuania! Of course, we`re not talking about a huge Hollywood picture like the one mentioned above, but this short film really has the right touch! We are usually not the sweet talk critics, but we really cannot find anything wrong with this film! The whole crew did an amazing job presenting this piece of true art to us in its right form!

The wheels spinning, the camera crawling and seizing the perfect angle while the boys from Dope D.O.D. spit their lines and make the music fit the scene like a glove! Roberts Vitols, however, is probably the most meritorious part of the team as he is both editor and director, while he does a lot of work with the camera as well along with Renars Ositis, Ivars Burtnieks who are the standard camera crew! Guys we are serious about this, the short film will leave you breathless, but you will be grateful for it! Watch it in complete silence, volume up is recommended! These are your 4 minutes – GO!

At last, follow this link to experience one ultimate Mustang drifting performance with Vaughn Gittin Jr.!