And I`m sure that most of you are understand that by quality, I do not mean only the quality of the photography (taking into an account that it is almost 80 years old), but the way how they are showing and explaining the way the car differential is operating. The simplest and most accurate way, in a conjunction with great visual demonstration, so that it could be loud and clear to everyone who wants to learn about the basics of how the automobile differential gives an ability to successfully turn a corner, and at the same time, keeping the wheels from skidding.

I believe that there are many amongst you, who consider themselves not just a passionate Detroit muscle fan, or sports cars, or motorcycle aficionado, but also a true want-to-be car connoisseur. And it is clear to everyone that no one can become a car expert, if he does not know the basics.

Thus, I`m not going to paraphrase the words of the narrator, and try to explain how a car differential steering works myself, when the point is to see and hear yourself, just as they were teaching the future mechanics in those days. I will only say that in many aspects, this short film beats the contemporary 3D animations, and it will help you to learn more than watching many of those animated videos.

So without further adieu, check out the video, and later on, you can share your thoughts about it with us, in the comment section below. And since we are going back in the days, click here if you also want to learn how the legendary Ford Model T assembly line used to function.