This 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle ROARS AGAIN After 40 Years!

If you, or your elderly folks were fans of the Indian motorbikes in the late 1940s, there was only one model to meet the needs. It is a word of 1948 Indian Chief! However, that year wasn`t the best for the Springfield, MA, based company because they were still using the flathead engines from the 1920s unlike Harley Davidson which placed the Panhead on the market. That bike had overhead valves that were hydraulically adjusted. Anyway, that`s all history now. Let`s get back to where we are now, and what we have here.

We are talking about a classic, genuine motorbike that is brought back to life after almost half a century of sitting and collecting dust and rust! The 1948 Indian Chief wasn`t randomly mentioned. In fact, this article is dedicated to one such particular unit that was repaired by some guys who know what`s worthy. In the video below, you have the chance to see that bike exposed to the tooth of time. Nevertheless, with a little help it can go back on the road! In our opinion it is great that the video is recorded with the bike in such condition. It makes it more authentic!

At last, if you want to see the latest 2015 model of the Indian Chief motorcycle, follow this link.