We were proved many times that Australia has an excellent taste in cars as we have been through a lot of videos here that show us amazing burnouts, donuts and drag races coming right from the Australian continent! Street Machine, the very best Australian car magazine made a reportage about Jay Bloss and his GEMINI named GEMWAR LS V8! which has an engine as tool as his roof and was built strictly for BURNOUTS and producing huge amounts of smoke! Your dream car might not be a purple Gemini, but once you hear the sound of this beast, that might change!

The old and small 1.6 L SOHC is gone and its replacement is here – LS V8! Not only is this CAR amazing but it has what it needs – a great owner and a driver which makes those burnouts more that they really are! This guy takes burnouts to the next level as he performs marvelous tasks in front of the camera! We really did stay fully impressed! Check out the video below and be ready to be amazed by Jay Bloss and his GEMWAR!

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