Spy Hidden Camera Caught The Paul Walker Porsche Thieves!

Paul Walker`s death is still fresh and fragile for all the fans out there. However, not everyone feels and sympathize with the death of people in a good way! Some even had the guts to go and steal from the legend! A week ago, two men tried to steal parts from Paul Walker`s Porsche! Luckily, the spy hidden camera got them!

As we all know it too well, the famous star of the Fast & Furious movies franchise Paul Walker has died last year on November 30, when his Porsche was crashed at a speed of over 100 mph and than burst into fire. Along with him in the car was his friend Roger Rodas (a former pro-am racer) who was actually driving the car. Both men died at scene of the crash.

Now as seen from the Spy Hidden Camera that caught them, they were going for any piece of the car they could get! No judging as everyone is innocent unless proven otherwise. However, stealing from a man that is a hero to a lot of people, probably wanting to sell those pieces and make profit is a horrible thing! That God for the spy hidden camera that caught them! So, this will ease the police`s job very much, we expect them to be caught any time!

And as the procedure goes, after the medical, coroner and traffic police teams were done, the wrecked vehicle was toed. Somewhere along the way, pieces of the wrecked Porsche were stolen.

But only about a week later, Paul Walker‘s fans found the camera images and video material on which the accused to have stolen those pieces of the car were caught alive. This is the video of those moments.

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