Børning: Fast & Furious In Norwegian Style! Delicacy for High Octane Chase Lovers!

Check out the awesome trailer from the Borning movie! This F&F style film is coming from Norway and it will be a delicacy for all the High Octane Chase Lovers!

We do not know if you have heard, but besides Los Angeles and New York, there are plenty of FANTASTIC cinematographies all around the World! Europe, however, is one of the best, especially the Scandinavian one! In that matter, we would like to present to you a Norwegian movie, very similar to Fast and Furious! Of course, it is not a copy or anything, but it includes FAST CARS, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN and MUSCLE CAR CLASSICS!!! The name of this fantastic Norwegian piece of art is BORNING!!! Check out the trailer and if you like it, get it on DVD and watch it!

Awesome Muscle Cars, Super Cars, Tunned Ricers, Car Chase, Adrenaline… Anyone?

See for yourself!

Enjoy the video below!

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