Finally A Bugatti Veyron Drag Race! Veyron Races A Nissan R35 GTR On A 1/4 Mile Drag Race!

When it comes to drag racing, we love muscle cars racing on the drag track the most! However, being massive gearheads we also love ourselves a nice supercar drag battle! And this time, on the drag track we get something pretty unusual! It is a car that you don`t see on the drag track very often! It is a supercar which is pretty rare and extremely expensive! In the footage below you will witness one hell of a Bugatti Veyron drag race vs. a Nissan R35 GTR on a quarter mile!

Who is ready for a great DRAG race? We know all of you gearheads are! We have two performers (one far better than the other) who are going to give their best in order to win this battle! You are not used on seeing the Veyron on the drag strip, but the Nissan R35 GTR is a common sight. The Nissan GTR is also a real executioner when it comes to drag racing! We can be a little bias and cheer for the R35 GTR, but we must give it to the BUGATTI as well! It is not the fastest and most expensive car in the world for nothing, right?

Well, in the hands of an incompetent racer, it can very well be. In the first pass, the Veyron drag race goes terribly wrong as the driver struggles with the launch button. The Veyron`s driver has a terrible start and thus ending up getting beaten by a Nissan GT-R which is like 15 times cheaper! However, in the second pass, the Bugatti driver figures out how to correctly use the launch button! Thus annihilating the GTR!

The Veyron won but it is not much of a satisfying victory. Veyron drag race vs. a Nissan GT R is a race which outcome is known. The Veyron didn`t manage to put out a good time on the quarter mile as well. Only 10.9 seconds. Come on dude, you can do better with a freaking Bugatti! But as we said, we got to give it to the Bugatti as well. Not many people have the guts to bring out a Bugatti on the drag strip. So, for this, we salute the Bugatti driver!

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