British Harrier JET Flies Couple of INCHES ABOVE This Guy!

Once you are in a military mission, you surely want to entertain yourself sometimes in order to forget some scenes for a moment. That is what couple of friends did, not only did they amuse themselves, but they provided us with this awesome video. Apparently one serviceman is challenged to stay still as a British Harrier jet flies incredibly low. What we can see in this video is that the Harrier can fly REALLY low! While one serviceman is shooting the video, the other one tries to find the courage not to flinch!

It is a kind of a teasing video, as we do not know what is going to happen until the last moment. We can see the sound of the Harrier from the distance as it approaches closer to our video participants. We heard so many courageous words from the serviceman, but will he stay still as this British Harrier jet aircraft flies couple of inches above him?  You know what you have to do if you want to find out what it looks like to see a jet as powerful as the Harrier passing by in front of your eyes!

At last, if you want to see one metamorphosed ‘water to air’ machine, follow this link!