Check This Military RC F4 Phantom Makes Its First Flight Ever!

This week we have stuck in the RC world, getting to know the world most famous and fabulous creations, made by a genuine RC lover. Childhood dreams can come true and this time we have one more proof to support that statement. Say hello to the RC F4 Phantom and its first flight that was filmed in Tokoroa, New Zealand.

First of all, we have to praise the great camera work with the short low angle clips that showed the model at its best. Although it had some struggles during the bumpy take-off, this RC airplane notes an awesome maiden flight with a superb landing. Is the next time going to include a pilot? Maybe cat? We do not have the answer yet, but one thing is sure –after watching this video, you will want to borrow this Twin Turbine RC F4 Phantom for some time.

This is definitely one more video that puts smiles on our faces. It is a pleasure to see one of the all time favorite planes in mini RC version, making a stunning performance, which is overwhelming as it is its maiden flight. That is why we have to say to the owner of it – Nice work sir!

Enjoy the video below!

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