World’s Fastest RC Jet Powered by Behotec JB180 Turbine!

I think that everyone who is Into RC vehicles, trucks, airplanes etc. and will be watch the following video that we have prepared for you in this post, will probably get a feeling of envy, when he/she sees just what a piece of an equipment these German fellows have at their `disposal`. It is the fastest RC jet, controlled via radio transmitter and powered by a Behotec JB 180 Turbine Gold Edition that became a world record holder, managing to hit unbelievable 440 mph!

This video was taken last year, as well as when the Guinness World Record was set, and from what we could find out, it is still unbroken. It happened at the place called Ballenstedt, in Germany, about one year ago, somewhere in the middle of September, last year. It is almost unconceivable that something that small, light and with such a small engine can go as fast as it does.

It would have been nice for the video if a GoPro camera could have been installed on it, so that we can get a real picture of what it looks like when you`re traveling at 440 mph, but it would probably blow away at that speed. Anyway, it is pretty cool video just the way it is, so check out the fastest RC Jet.

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Enjoy the video below!

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