BOEING 747 vs CESSNA Citation Airplane Situation On The Runway!

There are many amazing situations that we have come across this period, but the one in which a CESSNA Citation airplane cuts the way of the massive Boeing 747 is the best by far. When it comes to flying and maneuvering such large plane you need to make sure that every aspect and every turn is just perfect, hence you would most certainly want to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Hereby, once this massive Boeing 747-400, owned by EL AL, was on the runway, it had to made an 180 degrees turn and to take off in the opposite direction from which it came.

CESSENA Citation Airplane Looks Tiny Compared To The Boeing 747 2

Even though many other smaller planes than this would face some sorts of problems during this process, the pilot in this one had no problem at all. But then something amazing happened. A tiny CESSNA Citation appeared out of nowhere on the runway for a quick take off. So, what now? Well, the gigantic plane had to wait for the CESSNA Citation to take off, and then the Boeing was able to do the same. This amazing sight had happened on runway 22L at Liege Airport in Belgium.

Moreover, we even get the chance to see both of the planes actually taking off and indeed they do look amazing and spectacular in the middle of the sky, especially the Boeing 747. What do you think, what could have happened if the massive plane was already taking off when the CESSNA cut his way?

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