Watch This Video Of Big Engines Starting Up & Your Day Will Instantly Be Better!

Holy smokes! At least that`s what everyone watching these big engines starting up from a short distance would say. It`s incredible how the power of some machines is so brutal and so unparalleled that they inspire awe in everyone that watches them fire up. There are all kinds of huge engines in this video, from a measly few hundred horsepower all the way up to the high thousands! For example there appears to be one at a show that racks up, like the owners claim, over eight thousand horsepower! That is a respectable machine right there!

The sheer size of these big machines is stupendous, as some are so huge that their capacity is measured in dozens of liters, like the Allison V-1710 which has a 28.032l capacity – 1710.6 cubic inches! You`ll find no engine that big in a modern vehicle, except maybe a train or those huge earth movers in mines. That`s not the biggest one though, as the Paxman has a capacity more than double that – an astounding 60 liters! Try gassing that one up to go to the mall and you`ll be bankrupt before you know it. However, most of these engines have gone out of production and some are even home made, but you have to respect the power produced by these big engines starting up.

Finally, here are the top 10 big engines that you can buy!