1970 DODGE CHARGER “CHARGED” At Detroit Autorama 2015!

Here is another one great example of vintage muscle beauty that was showcased at this year`s Detroit Autorama, a custom built model that will be a real feast for the eyes of all muscle car aficionados. The car is a 1970 Dodge Charger nicknamed “Charged”, specially built for the Detroit Autorama 2015 by Miranda Built. This awesome example of the 1970 Dodge Charger rebuilt was an order by a local customer from South Florida, who used to have `70 Charger when he was in high school, so he wanted to relive those moments again.

When the guys from Miranda Built found the car, it was in a pretty good shape, but they completely rebuilt it, using different custom made components. As you will see it in the video, the front end has been changed a lot, starting from the hood, the fender, the front grill, and everything in between, as well as the side panels and the rear end. The color, which is a Ford CX of Harley Davidson F150, but the guys had also changed it, making an original combination out of the 20 variants that are produced.

Under the hood of this awesome custom made 1970 Dodge Charger, there is an Indy cylinder head, 572 cubic inch HEMI V8 motor, with aluminum valve covers, and other handmade components.

So besides treating your eyes with the utter aesthetic and impeccable craftsmanship of Miranda Built guys, watch the following 18 minute video and find out everything about this great classic Mopar muscle. And if you want to see many other awesome builds from Detroit Autorama 2015, click here.