Motorcycle Spectacle for The INDIA Republic Day PARADE!

It is not very often, but most of the times when we are showing you some video clips that are coming from India, it is not a very pretty sight. Either it is some completely overloaded truck, or another totally weird and bizarre creation that none of us has a chance to see it live, on some of our streets and highways. But today we have prepared something completely different from the above mentioned videos that we usually get to see from one of the largest and most populated countries in the world. It is a four and a half minute clip from the motorcycle spectacle that took place on January 26, in honor of the Republic Day of India.

Starting from 1950, this day is very special for the people of India, when the republic`s constitution came to force. So each year on this day, there is a huge parade, on which all kinds of original things can be seen.

But for us, the most interesting is the insanely cool motorcycle spectacle, on which we can see all kinds of bikes, and riders pulling some very cool stunts. You will not get to see some monsters on two wheels or the usual fast as hell bikes, that we are showing you when we have a motorcycle video, but nevertheless, the program is very attractive and appealing. I only think what would they do if next year they decide to pull some stunt with cars instead of motorcycles? Now that would be even more interesting.

But until then, check this out and see what India`s bike masters have prepared for us! I think that you will like it. But if you still want to see some of the usual madness from India, go to this link.