I know that most of the crazy stuff and `prototypes and revolutionary` vehicles that we see are coming from Russia, but here comes something totally out-of-this-world, something with a capability to completely change the world of trucks as we know it, directly from the streets of India and its creative thinking people. We have seen many things that are giving us a ton of laughs, but believe me when I tell you that the following video that we have prepared for this funny article, and its main protagonist, are about to put a big shadow on everything that we have seen up to this moment. It is a `home made` and improvised big convertible truck.

I guess it really gets hot over there in India, so this guy came up with a genius idea that will solve the heat problems for truck drivers throughout the country. Forget about the air conditions and all those state of the art technology, this is it man. It probably still isn`t street-legal, but when the wider audience will get to know it much closer and personal, its legal status will not be a problem. Actually, I will not be surprised if we see this convertible truck very soon on American soil, at the next SEMA Show perhaps!? All we got to do is to tell the guy that something like that exists, and I think that we will all have the pleasure of seeing this thing in live.

Until that day comes, check out the video and sound off your thoughts about it in the comment section.

And if you want to find out something more about the upcoming 2015 SEMA Show, go to this link.