Overloaded Truck In India! These Guys Have No LIMITS!

Just as I`m sure that it will not be a revelation if I tell you that trucks (and vehicles in general) in India are driving totally overloaded on a regular bases, I also think that you are going to like this short video clip, with one small overloaded truck carrying a cargo, probably twice as much of its real capacity, and `pretends` as nothing unusual is happening. Even though in 2001, the Supreme Court in Delhi tried to regulate these types of problems by issuing a law that stated that all overloaded vehicles (especially trucks) will be banned from entering into the city, and those which are already inside, must not drive the streets with more cargo than its maximum capacity. But it seems that the native drivers do not really care much about this.

That is why many times we are watching funny videos from this part of the world, with many such examples. But in some cases, things are not so funny, but we actually get to see pretty much horrifying crashes that make you feel your neck skin crawl.

Luckily, the following overloaded truck video that we have prepared in this article is not from the latter category, but something that will give you a proper dose of laughs, as you will witness another `usual moment` from the streets of India, and the amazing ability of this small truck to carry a cargo, that is much more suitable for a semi truck. Check it out.

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