GTR, FERRARI F360 & SUPRA Revving as Belgrade Attractions!

Hello my dear fellow Gearheads and big time sports and muscle cars aficionados. The “Fast & Furious” fever that is going on and still rocking and rolling all over the world, is till very much present (and probably will be, from some time more), so we have decided to show you a video from a promotion of the “Furious 7” in the Serbian capital, Belgrade. It has many things to offer, but for now, this revving became one of the top Belgrade attractions. This time, not so much because of the movie, but more for those cool cars that were present at this event.

And the cars are also not some of the stars of the last part of the Fast and Furious franchise, like the Off-Road Dodge Charger, or the Ferrari Lykan, or some of the other beasts, but other great imports that we also enjoy watching revving and showing off their teeth in different occasions.

This time we have three cool sports cars at the above mentioned “Furious 7” in Belgrade, one pretty cool 670 HP Nissan GTR R35 with a glossy black paint job, a green Toyota Supra, and one yellow Ferrari F360, which I think that you are going to like.

So check out the new Belgrade attractions and feel free to comment. And if you want to get familiar with some of the actual supercars from “Fast & Furious 7”, go to this link.