Testing A 2015 6.7 POWERSTROKE EGR DELETED In Garage!

Hello my fellow Gearheads. Today we are going to show you one of those video clips that can put an end of the life of your speakers or headphones, so consider yourself warned. Because, I`m sure that you have had an opportunity to watch a video that has been shot in a garage, where guys are roaring their rides, and sometimes even creating clouds of smoke, so you know that there will be an eruption of loud exhaust sound. In his case, we have a guy who has been working on deleting his Ford truck, now powered by a 6.7 POWERSTROKE EGR DELETED.

It is mounting a new 5″ exhaust pipe by Black Diamond Unlimited, and could not wait to try it out, and put the whole thing on a video.

If you enjoy in listening to real hurricane that is blasting away strong, then I`m sure you are going to enjoy this video, and even fell the adrenaline rush. So, without further adieu, check it out, but remember what I have said about the possible fate of your speakers!

And if you want to find out more about the 6.7 Powerstroke EGR Deleted, go to this link.