850HP Nissan Juke-R by SV Engineering!

The Nissan team made a decision to design and launch 20 Juke-Rs, which initially started as an idea. The idea was worth 450, 000 euros. Then the Russians came in and took over this concept and started selling it for a lesser price.

This car has a 3.8 liter V6 engine derived from the GT-R. It boosts from 485 and 550 horses. The guys from SV Engineering featured their stage 2 package with larger turbo`s, another exhaust boosting up till 850 horses on race fuel and a better intake system. It is estimated that the top speed of the Juke-R is approximately 314 km/h. Nevertheless, the gearbox is two years old and its still functional, which means that the GT-R is a pretty solid car that can be boost up with much more power. As you can see, the interior is completely stripped out. Sparco seats and a roll cage have been fitted. Everything insides screams sports car. The steering wheel, clocks, gear lever, paddles and computer are also featured from the GT-R.

Nissan Juke-R by SV Engineering 7

Currently, SV Engineering is working on another Juke –R model with much more extravagant look. The interior` s gonna be fitted with leather and alcantara. Their plans don`t stop here. They are also plan to build a model boosting 1, 500 horses and a special Gymkhana Juke-R fitted with manual gearbox. SV Engineering is also planning to take over other projects besides the Juke-R, like an Audi RS1. However, we are more than eager to see the final result!  

Bellow you can see a drag race with the older version of Juke-R SV Engineering with 700hp versus 820hp Mercedes GR CLS63 AMG. 

We are sure that the new model will be even faster.

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