Bugatti Veyron (Stock) vs Tunned Nissan Skyline GT-R R34! Who wins this Amazing Drag Race?

You have an awesome 900 HP Skyline, going toe to toe with a 1001 HP Bugatti Veyron, sounds like it`s going to be really good, and you better believe it is. Everyone likes a good drag race once in a while, especially when there are supercars participating in it, and this time, we show you a Bugatti vs Skyline, a truly amazing race. And just look at that Coupe body on the Bugatti, simply beautiful, elegant and slick, but a deadly one, as nothing spells “fast” better than a low set Coupe body.
On the other hand, the NASCAR look of the Skyline looks veteran, a car that will be remembered for being an awesome race car for its time, but will it be able to compete against a relatively new Bugatti Veyron? Who do you think will win? It is very hard to tell, as both of them are amazing cars that will just zoom before your eyes like they never really were there, heck, even the drivers won`t remember being there, and I don`t think they remember drag racing, just driving really fast for some reason. Anyway, let’s get back to this Bugatti vs Skyline drag race!

900hp Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 by Altechno, this time is pitted versus the stock 1,001hp Bugatti Veyron.

The simple and elegant Skyline GT-R R34 was the 5th generation of model produced from 1999-2002 and was a great looking sports car for its time. 

Everybody knows about the Bugatti Veyron with W16 quad-turbocharged 8L engine with incredible 1,001 horse power.

However, we will spare you from the details and we will get straight to the race.
Any idea who is going to win? 

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23 thoughts on “Bugatti Veyron (Stock) vs Tunned Nissan Skyline GT-R R34! Who wins this Amazing Drag Race?

  1. ishtiaq

    Buggatti Veron Will won…exactly

    1. red1676

      Bugatti lost!

    2. Cody

      ROFL, the guy in the veyron waited at the start line until the nissan went off. The takeoff for the nissan was clean, but the guy in the veyron. Watch him. Its like hes taking off at a red light….. Lets just touch this pedal a little tiny bit. That Veyron won. Look at the speed…

  2. Nissan skyline GT-R WILL WIN

  3. Salim

    GT-R will win

  4. travis

    Nissan wins

  5. Ashley Robbins

    Skyline wins seen it

    1. sam

      if you’ve seen it then what’s the point?

  6. frank Perrotta

    The r34 of course

  7. John Victor Diokno

    I’ll bet on GTR

  8. Iván Velásquez

    Skyline rules!!!

  9. Devin

    I got $10 on the skyline

  10. gorge bush


  11. Dositej

    Well it’s like this…
    Bugatti has a bad start…but as the race goes on it’s almost impossible for Bugatti to lose, cause it’s fastest PRODUCTION car in the world,no offense Bugatti fans but that car is also really ugly and for the money of that car you can buy a lot of other good cars! I’m no Nissan fan either…

  12. Sebastian

    Nissan Power win the race

  13. None of your business

    Ok i realy don’t know what the point to do this. First we got a Skyline who stock is build for drag racing. On the other hand we got a Bugatti Veyron who’s built for top speed racing. So ok before comparing a totaly modified car with a stock car set a race for each of their ability. For the top speed one my bet on the Bugatti….When you know that Bugatti can go over 400 km/h.Oh and next time oppose it a AWD car instead of a Mid Engine car…..The game will be more fair. Also the guy put over 90 000$ on is Skyline to get 900 HP….Put the same amount of money on the bugatti just to be fair. They mess it all!

  14. jejoo

    If you noticed then theres delay between nissan’s and bugatti’s start lights.
    The fact that bugatti started about ~0.3 sec later is nothing to do with the driver.
    It’s obvious that bugatti will win nissan.
    Even the ridestatistic in the end of video is showing it.
    Too bad that the topic poster haven’t mentioned the start delay in that post.

  15. jobd

    Skyline WIN !!!

  16. Nick

    This is a mile trap, it’s not a drag race. The clock starts as soon as they cross the start line. It’s to find out, outside of side by side bracket drags, who has the fastest mile they can lay down.

  17. Rudolf

    I love the content on this website! Keep up the good work guys!

    1. Johnny

      Thank you Rudolf! Have a great weekend!

  18. Dave

    LHD Skyline GTR? 😮

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