These Guys Came Across 1948 Harley Davidson!

Already forgot about the 1948 Harley Davidson? That’s a shame.

1948 Harley Davidson 2

Coming across rare and classic cars or bikes is everyone`s dream. Who knows, you might bump into what could possibly be a unique car. But this is not that often as people make it look. It can sometimes take up to months or even years to come across that. But in the following video these guys discovered a true and unbelievable hidden gem. Wayne Carini came across a 1948 Harley Davidson and he wanted to sell it to the right person who would take care of it.

The bike also came with a sidecar. But what is that one thing that makes this bike much more special and unique? Well, it has never been touched up or modified in any way! The 1948 Harley Davidson is in its original shape.

The guys from Chasing Classic Cars bought it for the price the man was selling for. Surprising enough, the engine was still turning after all these years and soon after they took the bike at their shop.

The only thing they did to the 1948 Harley Davidson was that they took of the protective covers on the seats. They decided that it is best to leave the bike as it is because its originality is what makes it so special.

They even took the bike to an antique motorcycle show. He placed an original license plate from the year of 1948. This bike and the condition it is now, is something every collector would just dream of having in its garage.

Finally, check out this 6-year-old driving a Harley!


Barn Find: '48 Harley Davidson

This Harley is an absolute time-capsule.

Posted by Velocity on Thursday, May 4, 2017