This Barrier Transfer Machine Is Giving Drivers Another Extra Lane Before Traffic Jams On The GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!

In every traffic jam, don`t we all wish there was at least one more lane? Well, that`s exactly what drivers are getting on roads where traffic jams are inevitable. All of this is possible due to this very interesting vehicle called the Barrier Transfer Machine, normal people call it – the Zipper. This machine repositions the new moveable median barrier (MMB.) It moves the concrete barrier dividing the express lanes one lane over. It moves slow…really slow, like eight miles an hour slow. However, its efficiency is undeniable. It gives motorists way more flexibility. It reconfigures the lanes on a daily basis.

The Barrier Transfer Machine has an S-shaped, conveyor channel fitted in its undercarriage that lifts the barriers off the road and transfers them to the other side. These barriers are connected together with heavy steel connectors to make a stout but adjustable safety barrier. On a normal day, two lanes go each way. Sometimes, three lanes can go with the rush hour commute. Some people say that they save up to 20 minutes using the express lanes. The Zipper is like a giant slow moving vehicle, so drivers still need to be careful when driving. Check out the video below and tell us what you think about this astonishing vehicle.

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