Zealand Cargo Ship Is Set For Shipping!

For all of you ship lovers out there, this is the video for you. All you have to do is sit back and see how this massive cargo ship is set for work in the sea.

This 2-minute-long video will take you on a journey to the shipyard where you can witness an important moment. The video quality is not very good so you could not see ala the detail, but getting the main idea is enough. What is so peculiar about it is that the back of the ship is lowered first and the huge propeller makes its first few turns.

It creates huge waves as it sales for the first time. Though we do not have much information about the cargo ship itself, it must have taken several years of hard work, tons of steel and many people to complete the built.

It burns gallons of fuel per minute and though it might not be eco-friendly, it will do its job. Tons of containers can be easily loaded and moved in just one go.

They avoided the traditional side slide method used to lower boats hence this is a huge and expensive boat and no mistakes were allowed.

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